On March 14, 2019, the CADI photo contest “Desert in Focus” was announced.
With the photo contest, the CADI-project wanted to attract attention to the aesthetic values of the cold winter desert, its use, threats, and protection.
Pictures were submitted from March 14 till October 14, 2019.
We received a lot of interesting photos and we thank everyone for taking part in our photo contest!

Winners in the nomination „Nature of desert“ are:

Irina Bayramukova ”Saxaul” – 3

Alexandr Pavlenko ”Ancient Uzboy” – 2

Vyacheslav Yusupov ”Archimedean spiral” – 1


Winners in the nomination „Desert and human“:

Almas Dghaksylykov ”No longer needed” – 3

Mark Pestov ”Food is served” – 2

Ernest Kurtveliyev ”Ayaz-Kala” – 1


Winners’ photos you will find in our media gallery