CADI-Fellow, Associate at the Research Institute of Zoology at Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science, Marina Chirikova, is not only a science-focused person but also committed to the environmental education of young people and students.

Right after her first expedition to the South Kazakhstan region Tschuli, Ms Chirikova organized a seminar for pupils of the school Nr. 5 in Almaty. The main topics were the conservation of cold winter deserts as well as the Red List of endangered amphibian and reptile species in Kazakhstan. Afterwards, she held a lecture on reptile’s diversity at the Kazakh State Women Pedagogical University.

“Educational measures, especially for the protection of reptiles, are not always easy to carry out”, explains Marina Chirikova. “People have many prejudices towards them.”

However, education is an important part of science, states Ms Chirikova. She plans on having more lectures at schools and continuing her work on an overview of relevant environment protection literature within the CADI project.

Moreover, Marina held a lecture on “Autumn activity of reptiles in southern Kazakhstan” on 6 November 2018 as part of the conference “Ecology and conservation of wildlife”.