On the way to the transnational World Heritage nomination of Central Asia’s cold winter deserts within the framework of the CADI project, the participating states have taken another important hurdle.

One year before the planned submission of nomination documents in February 2022, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have added the site “Cold Winter Deserts of Turan” to their national tentative lists.

The serial, transnational World Heritage Site comprises a total of 9 protected areas, among others in the deserts of Aralkum, Karakum, Kyzylkum, and Ustyurt. The joint nomination is intended to strengthen the nature conservation of the nominated components, the cross-border management of the sites, and regional cooperation as a whole.

Central Asia’s cold winter deserts are the only biome in the world not yet included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A recent study by IUCN emphasizes that they have the potential to be included.

The nomination basis is a joint declaration as a result of a CADI workshop on the island of Vilm.

Article on the nomination in “Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (DAZ) – Asia” (08.02.2021)