The Leopard Tay Shery was found dead 250 km north of Ustyurt Nature Reserve. The circumstances of his death are still to investigate finally. However, its disappearance leaves us behind sad. Tay Shery was the ignition spark for entering the Persian Leopard in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan to elaborate an Action Plan in Persian Leopard conservation in Kazakhstan and facilitated transboundary scientific cooperation among Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

According to the results of an announced contest, the leopard, which was named Tay Shery, was repeatedly marked in different places of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve from September 2018 to February 2021 with the help of camera traps. But, unfortunately, since this time, he was not sighted, and we all began to worry about its fate. So now we have sad certainty.

Last picture of Tay Shery in Nature Reserve Ustyurt in February 2021