A final workshop on the implementation of CADI project activities in Turkmenistan was held in Ashgabat on 21 December 2021.

CADI project implementation in Turkmenistan started in 2018, after a national process of project registration. This will expire at the end of December. Over the four years, a comprehensive package of activities has been implemented, focusing on the State Nature Reserves Bereketli Garagum, Gaplangyr and Repetek. For all three protected areas, 5-year management plans have been developed for the first time. They will come into force in 2022. In the course of various biodiversity expeditions to the deserts, important scientific data on flora and fauna were collected. These were used for the preparation of the nomination of the state nature reserves as components of the transnational World Heritage Site Cold Winter Deserts of Turan.

Monitoring trainings were conducted to improve the management of the protected areas, and the reserves were also provided with technical equipment, from field equipment to off-road vehicles. In the State Nature Reserve Bereketli Garagum, CADI project also established and equipped the information and visitor centre “Nature of Karakum”.

The activities in Turkmenistan were implemented by the Succow Foundation. The main partner in Turkmenistan was the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection.

Article in Online-Journal “Turkmenistan Golde Age (22 December 2021)