The development of a NAMA in Uzbekistan for the conservation and restoration of desert habitats in Central Asia started with a kick-off workshop on 29 April. About 30 participants from politics, international organizations, scientific institutions, and NGOs took part in the Online-Workshop. The development of a NAMA is supported by the Michael Succow Foundation within the CADI project.

NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) is a financing instrument under the UNFCCC. It supports partner countries in taking ambitious measures against climate change.

Leading ecologists and politicians are involved in the NAMA development in Uzbekistan. The aim is to restore natural Saxaul vegetation communities in the Turanian deserts. These represent a significant sink function for greenhouse gas emissions in their extent but have been severely degraded by unsustainable use, especially by grazing and firewood extraction. According to scientific studies by the University of Greifswald, only about ¼ of the Central Asian Saxaul communities remain.