An ACBK expedition to South Ustyurt, including Kaplankyr cliff in Mangystau region (Kazakhstan), took place from 12-20 September 2019. Within CADI, the exploration of this inaccessible area near the Kazakh state border with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan has been underway since 2017 with the aim of preparing the justification for the creation of a new protected area.

Photos made by camera traps confirmed the death of Gazelles during their attempts to overcome the barbed-wire border barriers on the Kazakh border. Border guards often observed similar cases. These facts, which are confirmed by numerous photos, will make it possible to present well-founded proposals for the border service of the Republic of Kazakhstan to solve the problem of border barriers that hinder the traditional migration of ungulates.

The protection of transboundary migration of ungulates is included in the Bonn Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, signed by the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2005.

In the expedition took part: CADI coordinator for Kazakhstan, Vladimir Terentiyev, expert for cats, Tanya Rosen, Ph.D. zoologist Mark Pestov and the research associates of the Ustyurt State Nature Reserve Aktan Mukhashov and Konys Ghaymukhanov.