At the start of November 2019, training about the monitoring of desert biodiversity was carried out in the Complex (landscape) Reserve Saygachy (Uzbekistan). This training focused, among other things, on the rules of using camera traps and methods of counting wildlife.

A special monitoring concept for temperate deserts has been developed within the CADI-Project, including specific routes for the Landscape Saygachy.

During the monitoring, the participants were able to take a photo of a new species for Uzbekistan – an ordinary blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus). This species, which is usual for Europe, has never been registered in Uzbekistan before. Other species that are rare in this country, such as the common bullfinch, long-tailed rosefinch, long-tailed tit, redwing, and pintail, were also seen. These findings emphasize the value of desert ecosystems of Central Asia for the lives of various representatives of flora and fauna.

Employees of the Complex (landscape) Reserve Saygachy and the Kungrad State Forestry Hunting Organization participated in the training.