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8th CADI Newsletter available!

The 8th CADI Newsletter is available! Here we keep you informed about the ongoing activities and results of our project. In our Media Gallery, you can subscribe and receive future CADI newsletters.

Regional authorities take steps to eliminate ditches in Kazakhstan

The problem of mass deaths of animals in ditches used by farmers to protect their fields from cattle was first identified in May-June 2019, during CADI-expeditions to the Saryagash district of the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan. In the same year, the CADI team prepared articles and reports in the media. Appeals were sent to state […]

Digitalization of the literature on cold winter deserts

The results of many studies carried out by Soviet scientists are still kept in paper form, and therefore not yet available to the general public. To introduce some of the work to a wider audience, the СADI team, for the first time, has scanned relevant articles from the international scientific-practical journal “Problems of desert development” […]

New YouTube clip: “Aral See: Is there life after death?”

The film crew of the YouTube channel „Vse Kak U Zverei“ has released a new video clip: „Aral See: Is there life after death?“. This new edition will focus on one of the biggest human-made environmental disasters, the Aral Sea’s disappearance. The reasons for this, the consequences and effects of the drying up of the […]

Farmer Field Schools for sustainable agricultural production

Capacity building in Uzbekistan has been implemented via the Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) concept developed by FAO. On two pilot sites in Uzbekistan, the FAO project team conducted a series of FFS sessions on improved crop production. The workshops’ objective was to improve nutritional security and increase the rural farmers’ income living under harsh climatic conditions of cold winter […]

National Award for CADI partner in Kazakhstan

The State Nature Reserve Barsakelmes has won a National Award “Elim-Ai” as the Best Nature Reserve of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The CADI team is happy to congratulate its faithful partner on this achievement! Within the CADI project, we provided support for the improvement of management, including an adaptation of management plans, monitoring, training for […]

Report on bat recordings in Western Turkmenistan

Within a CADI biodiversity expedition in October 2019, 13 bat species were recorded in Turkmenistan either by the direct sighting of bats in roosts, by the capture of bats by mist-nets or by the acoustic recording of echolocation calls. The bat diversity and its distribution in this region were poorly studied in the past. It […]

New poster on the biodiversity in the Pre-Aral region

Within the CADI-project a new poster on the animal and plant world in the Pre-aral region was developed. The poster will be used by the Barsakelmes nature reserve (Kazakhstan) due to the environmental education and be distributed among its visitors and schoolchildren of the region.  Daria Sklarenko, an artist-designer, created a new poster under the […]

Film about the deserts of Uzbekistan – Part II

At the end of March 2020, zoologist and blogger, George Schnipper released the first film about the deserts of Uzbekistan, the daily expedition routine of the film crew of the YouTube channel “Vse Kak U Zverei” and the living fauna of the deserts. Today we want to present the second part of the film, with […]

Uzbekistan’s desert is alive!

Uzbekistan – a country with a large history and an even larger variety of animals! Georg Schnipper, zoologist, and blogger, documented this in his new film. In 2019 George Schnipper accompanied the team of the YouTube channel “Vse Kak U Zverei” for filming in the Central Asian deserts and returned with fascinating material about the […]