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Cold Winter Deserts of Turan nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Site

After more than two years of intensive preparation, on 28 January the States Parties Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan submitted their documents for the nomination of the Cold Winter Deserts of Turan as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site to the World Heritage Centre in Paris. The transnational nomination includes a total of 15 components from […]

Final workshop for CADI implementation in Turkmenistan

A final workshop on the implementation of CADI project activities in Turkmenistan was held in Ashgabat on 21 December 2021. CADI project implementation in Turkmenistan started in 2018, after a national process of project registration. This will expire at the end of December. Over the four years, a comprehensive package of activities has been implemented, […]

Reintroduction of Asiatic Wild Asses in Uzbekistan

The first 13 Asiatic Wild Asses (Equus hemionus kulan) reintroduced from the breeding center Ecocenter Jeyran to the 2016 established Complex Landscape Reserve Saigachy (IUCN 1b), Uzbekistan took an essential step for the restoration of wilderness areas towards the achievement of Aichi Targets. Further resettlement of up to 175 individuals into the newly established desert-protected […]

Online inception workshop on CADI Secretariat’s 5-year Plan of Work

Experts from Central Asian countries discussed the conservation and sustainable use of cold winter deserts in Central Asia at the virtually held inception workshop. The workshop was organized by the Interim Regional Central Asian Desert Initiative (CADI) Secretariat, which started its work in Tashkent in 2021. The main objective of the virtual meeting was to […]

World Heritage nomination “Cold Winter Deserts of Turan”: draft nomination submitted

On the way to the transnational World Heritage nomination „Cold Winter Deserts of Turan“ within CADI, the draft nomination was submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre for technical check on 30 September 2021. The document was submitted through the Secretariat of the National Commission for UNESCO in Turkmenistan. Besides Turkmenistan, the nomination is supported […]

Leopard Tay Shery found dead

The Leopard Tay Shery was found dead 250 km north of Ustyurt Nature Reserve. The circumstances of his death are still to investigate finally. However, its disappearance leaves us behind sad. Tay Shery was the ignition spark for entering the Persian Leopard in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan to elaborate an Action Plan in Persian […]

Contribution of Central Asian deserts to the Paris Climate Agreement

The development of a NAMA in Uzbekistan for the conservation and restoration of desert habitats in Central Asia started with a kick-off workshop on 29 April. About 30 participants from politics, international organizations, scientific institutions, and NGOs took part in the Online-Workshop. The development of a NAMA is supported by the Michael Succow Foundation within […]

Persian leopard included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan

CADI’s efforts to protect the Persian Leopard in Central Asia have been successful: as of 5 April 2021, the Persian Leopard is finally included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The discovery of the Persian leopard in the Ustyurt State Nature Reserve (Kazakhstan) was made, among other things, with the help of camera traps, which […]

CADI Secretariat started working

The Interim Regional CADI Secretariat’s new coordinator and assistant coordinator have started working in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The Secretariat is expected to keep the momentum of project interventions in the member countries directed to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems in cold winter desert areas. The CADI project will be backstopping initial activities foreseen within […]