Open Standards workshop in Barsakelmes (Kazakhstan)

Barsakelmes Strict Nature Reserve used to be an island in Aral Sea. Since the lake has almost decreased it is no longer an island. Native plant communities disappeared, most of fauna species are under severe thread, IUCN threatened ungulates such as Saiga, Kulan and Goitered Gazelle lost their habitats.

Together with the CADI national project partner ACBK, the administration of Barsakelmes Zapovednik, the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS), scientists and NGO’s the Michael Succow Foundation conducted a two-day ecosystem diagnostic mission, followed by an intense four-day participatory Open Standards workshop. Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation support protected area managers in systematic planning, implementing and monitoring their conservation efforts and to adapt and improve it systematically.

The workshop layed out a sound and comprehensive basis on the threads, stresses and contributing factors at the conservation targets of the protected area. The workshop participants, facilitated by Michael Succow Foundation, identified strategies to tackle or minimize threads and stresses.