In the footsteps of the Persian leopard – expedition to the Ustyurt plateau

A ten-day Ustyurt expedition, organized by ACBK along with the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan’s Forestry and Wildlife Committee, ended on the November 24. The aim of the expedition was to locate the Persian leopard, which has been recently captured using camera traps.

To provide permanent observation and to increase the probability of a new sighting, 18 camera traps were set up by the expedition team members, together with odour and fodder bait. The observations will last until mid-January 2019.

While the leopard could not be spotted yet, there were other interesting sightings: a caracal, as well as a Brandt’s hedgehog which would usually be hibernating at this time of year.

The expedition team has also found a young Urial female, probably torn apart by a leopard.