Desert hero was awarded the “Dustlik” order of Uzbekistan

The hero of the project “Defeating the desert” of “”, Nomos Dzhumaev, was awarded the “Dustlik” order on behalf of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The photo, video and audio report was initiated by CADI.

Nomos Dzhumaev, a farmer in the Surchandarya desert in Uzbekistan, took up the fight against the degradation and erosion processes of the desert forests under current land management and its accompanying lost of species. Together with his family, he planted 15 thousand saxaul saplings in the desert, turning lifeless sands into a forest with a size of 50 hectares. This is the territory of 35 football fields.

Hereby, he managed to prove that a careful pasture management adapted to the desert ecosystem can provide sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem preservation at the same time.