CADI Side Event at FAO Regional Conference for Europe in Voronezh, Russia

At the 31st session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) in Voronezh (16-18 May) a Side Event on CADI was held.

The  purpose  of  the  Side  Event was  to  exchange  and  disseminate  experiences  and  information  about ongoing activities within CADI for the benefit of participants attending the 31st Session of the ERC and other interested stakeholders.

The event strengthened the capacities of the implementing CADI partners to better respond to the related needs and requests of member countries, explored opportunities for new or expanded work on integrated natural resource management based on country needs and facilitated effective regional collaboration.

The Side Event caused high interest. Besides the official delegations of the main CADI target countries, also experts from other FAO member countries took part in the Side Event and demonstrated high interest for the project.

Concept note/agenda of the Side Event

Article about the Side Event