CADI expedition findings: sand cat!

The fauna of Kyzylkum (Uzbekistan) is unique and distinctive. Each day spent in this mysterious desert brings new encounterings and discoveries. On April 19, 2018, during the field research within the CADI fellowship in the southern part of the Butte Mountains of Kuldzhuktau Ridge, the team of researchers discovered a sand cat (Felis margarita)! Close to the borrow was set a camera trap which traced the cat went into hiding. The installed camera trap provided the team with an opportunity to get unique video series, which shows how the male cat in the period of 15:00 to 19:40 hours remained near the borrow. The cat hid in the borrow to protect itself from the strong wind, wandered, looked around and left the place at the night (video clip with sand cat). Courtesy to video: Valentin Soldatov.

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Sand cat (Felis margarita). Photo: Valentin Soldatov