CADI at IUCN workshop “Priority Sites for World Heritage Nomination in Central Asia”

At the consultation workshop of IUCN “Priority Sites for World Heritage Nomination in Central Asia” (19-20 June 2018 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) the CADI partner Michael Succow Foundation contributed with its latest findings on potential sites of temperate deserts for future World Natural Heritage Sites in Central Asia. Leading experts from all of the Central Asian countries contributed with the latest and up to date information on the status of the exitisting World Heritage Sites in the respective countries, those currently at the tentative list as well as those to be designated in the future.

The temperate deserts are the only biome worldwide for which the UNESCO World Heritage Commission has not yet inscribed a World Heritage Site. Therefore, CADI project intends to prepare a nomination for an area of the temperate deserts as UNESCO World Heritage Site (Natural/Cultural).