Biodiversity report on North-Ustyurt (Kazakhstan) is now available

A comprehensive biodiversity report based on the results of an expedition to Atyrau region and its South-East sub-region Zhylyoi in September 2017 is now available. The main purpose of the expedition was a first assessment of the biodiversity in view of a possible establishment of a protected area in North-Ustyurt and surrounding area.

Dr Mark Pestov (Ecological centre „Dront“, Russia), Professor Dr Alexey Laktionov (State University Astrakhan, Russia) and Vladimir Terentyev (CADI Coordinator, ACBK) participated in the expedition.

The results of the expedition confirmed a high importance of the sub-region Zhylyoi for the conservation of biodiversity. Based on the results of the expedition experts propose the establishment of a nature park in the Zhylyoi region. This will facilitate further development of ecotourism as well as sustainable development of the entire region.

The full report is available in Russian language here.